TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – City council held its third investigative public hearing on Thursday on the unsafe conditions at the Harbour Point Gardens apartment complex. Ahead of the hearing NEWS10 stopped by the complex to talk to residents about their experience since moving back.

Logan Gonsalvez and his mother invited NEWS10 into their apartment to show the repairs that were done. As they walked us to their apartment we were stopped. Gonsalvez explained, to who he believed was a maintenance man, that we were invited in.

“I don’t know him but on the way here he started shouting about you guys weren’t allowed in here, even though we were inviting you into the place that we live in and pay for,” said Gonsalvez.

We were finally allowed in to see the work that was done.Gonsalvez said they moved back in early August and described the damage that was repaired. “Her window was broken open a little bit and the A.C. unit of mine was cracked open too, so when we got back they had fixed those things.”

Since moving back he and his mother still have concerns. Gonsalvez said just weeks after moving back he heard a bang and the lights went out, he initially thought the whole building lost power until he found a hall light on. 

“And so I was checking the outlets and I could see one of them sparking. They must’ve hit something,” said Gonsalvez. “The first thing I did was go to the office and tell them and they still haven’t followed up or checked on it.” 

Marcos Argueta Guevara is another tenant who has complaints about the lack of timely responses as well. He planned on being at Thursday’s hearing.

“I want to know what the solution is, what the concrete solution and answer to everything is. I don’t want to get the run around or the beat around the bush cause that will be even more upsetting,” said Argueta Guevara. “It’s frustrating because that literally should not be my job, I should not have to hold the landlord accountable, I should not have to hold the owners accountable that’s ridiculous.”

As for Gonsalvez and his mom, they are moving out and feel lucky to have a new place lined up that is nicer and less expensive. 

“Just before we walked down here we were telling them we’re moving out October 1,” said Gonsalvez. “Because even if this gets resolved we really don’t wanna live here anymore. I don’t really trust any of the landlords here.”

NEWS10 reached out to Harbour Point Gardens and they say all tenants are back in their apartments. The statement read, in part: “Moving forward, we will continue to improve the Harbour Point property, work cooperatively with the city of Troy and look to rebuild our tenants’ trust in our organization.”

Work continues on the property, mainly on the exterior. At the third investigative hearing on Thursday testimony was heard from two tenants and the office manager.