INDIAN LAKE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Indian Lake, in Hamilton County, was the biggest winner of the state’s grants to municipalities statewide for water infrastructure projects. Indian Lake is among seven Adirondack communities to receive the clean water grants in this Water Infrastructure Improvement Act (WIIA) package for the Adirondacks.

The NYS Environmental Facilities Corporation (EFC) has provided a grant to Indian Lake that will cover $3 million of the town’s proposed $5 million wastewater treatment system, according to officials. In all, seven Adirondack communities will receive awards totaling $8 million toward local clean water projects costing more than $23 million they said.

Additional funding will be awarded to the Town of Warrensburg to replace a dedicated 3,700 ft., 12-inch cast-iron transmission line that connects the water storage tank to the distribution system. Officials said the water storage tank transmission line is over 80 years old and provides potable water and fire flow for the Warrenbsug Water District.

Officials said each funded project will help improve water quality in Adirondack lakes and rivers, to create benefits for nature and for communities far beyond the park’s borders. Other approved funding and where it will be used are listed below:

Applicant County Project Cost Estimated Grant Award 
DannemoraClinton  $4,621,456   $1,155,364  
EssexEssex  $3,665,950   $1,053,229  
Indian LakeHamilton  $5,000,001   $3,000,000  
PeruClinton  $7,588,131   $1,897,033  
Schroon Essex  $435,000   $217,500 
Westport Essex  $1,237,757   $309,439  
WarrensburgWarren  $1,241,750   $745,050  

Adirondack Community Sub-Totals:                  $23,830,045                    $8,377,615 

“We commend EFC for awarding water grants exceeding $8.3 million to seven Adirondack communities,” Adirondack Council Clean Water Program Coordinator David J. Miller.  “Every grant serves the dual purpose of making the Adirondack Park’s waters cleaner while relieving some of the burden from taxpayers in tiny rural towns.” 

The Adirondack Council is a privately funded not-for-profit organization. The council’s mission is to ensure the ecological integrity and wild character of the Adirondack Park by carrying out research, education, advocacy, and legal action.