ADAMS, MASS. (NEWS10) — In the Town of Adams, every day, you don’t know who can lurk behind you, like the iconic Michael Myers character from the Halloween movies. The spooky character has now become an instant celebrity in the town, and it all started when Ryan Pause and Jacob Lesnick had the idea to add some spooktacular fun to the neighborhood.

“It all started with just taking a photo right in front of that sign there that says the Town of Adams,” Ryan Pause said.

And now, every moment can be found on the Michael of Adams Facebook page. From one photo came many others, along with many admirers like Chelsea Mazza, who also share a love for horror films.

“I’ve been waiting to see him for a while now,” Mazza said. “And I’m excited for it. Not scared!”

Zack Szpila was happy to see the character in real life.

“I think it’s great for the kids,” he said. “At work, they have been asking me about him because I’ve only heard of the rumors. I actually saw him for the first time, and it’s pretty incredible.”

And Lesnick is passing on his love for Myers to his young daughter, dressed up as a little Michael while going out trick-or-treating.

And while many were excited to meet and pose with Michael, some were too spooked to say hello. But in the end, it’s all in good fun, and he has even started making appearances and staged a photo with Adams Police.

“It just took off right away. We did not expect this to take off so fast,” Ryan Pause said.

And even though it’s unclear how long Michael will be lurking around town, the men behind it say to keep your eyes peeled. Because regardless of the season… Michael Myers is here to stay.