GUILDERLAND, N.Y. (NEWS10) — After 44 years of marriage, Jeff and Ethel Kramer “still do.” With the help of their senior independent living home, they made their eternal promise again, decades later.

Jeff and Ethel Kramer got married in Randolph, Massachusetts in 1978.

Ethel and Jeff say their secret to a long, happy life together has been their very different personalities.

“Opposites attract,” Jeff told NEWS10 with a smile. He explained that Ethel is more of a “people person,” while he’s more introverted.

The couple lives at Summit at Mill Hill Senior Independent Living in Guilderland. Their health demanded they move out of their house in Massachusetts, and Mill Hill not only helps them live and age more comfortably, but also brings them closer to some family.

Jeff has a passion for painting. A room at Summit is filled with his art work.

Now, Ethel and Jeff are making new memories at Summit. This weekend was probably their biggest since they moved in.

“We had a couple here in the building who we thought were getting married, but then they broke up,” Ethel recalled, “and someone said, ‘well we should do something! We should have an anniversary party for someone in the building. Whose anniversary is coming up next?’”

The staff and residents at Mill Hill went to work with the couple, planning a vow renewal ceremony. Why choose their 44th anniversary for the occasion? Ethel said it just felt right not to wait any longer.

“Our health has not been very good this past year or two, and we don’t know what will happen in the future,” Ethel said. “So while we can, we will.”

Ethel and Jeff at Summit’s Halloween party in 2021.

While the Kramers have only been at Mill Hill for a little over a year, you wouldn’t know it by the way their fellow residents showed up for their ceremony.

The seats were full of residents and the Kramers’ family members. Some came up to do readings with the rabbi. All sang and prayed along.

Jeff became emotional, and choked up when it was time for vows. But his extroverted counterpart knew just what to say:

“We’ve had our good health, and our not so good health. But we’re stuck together as best friends, as husband and wife, and we hope this to continue for a long time.”

Ethel and Jeff share a kiss after renewing their vows.