GREENVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Greenville Drive-In is hosting its fourth-annual QWERTY Typewriter and Letter Arts festival this week. The first day of workshops is Monday, and both online and in-person programming—to allow for social distancing—will be available through Saturday.

The week’s workshops will cover letter writing, poetry, visual art, and a class on practicing gratitude taught by a children’s book author. Visit the event’s workshop registration page for information about what offerings are available and when.

In the past, the festival has been held in the spring, but the pandemic pushed the event back. It represents an opportunity to how words affect culture, and how communication has evolved and adapted during the pandemic.

“The first time we hosted QWERTY in 2016 we just thought it was a fun idea that we hadn’t seen before – having a type-in, hosting the Boston Typewriter Orchestra and showing a documentary about typewriters. Since then we have seen the impact that typing has had on people, young and old, and hope to continue offering a space where people can be introduced (or re-introduced) to the typewriter,” said Leigh Van Swall, who owns Greenville’s Drive-In 32 with her husband, Dwight Grimm.

The festival ends on Saturday with a “type-in” featuring the typewriter collection of Erik Molbach, a mail art exhibit at the snack bar, a performance by the Boston Typewriter Orchestra, and a showing of the ’90s movie “You’ve Got Mail” with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. Tickets for Saturday are available online for free if you use the code TYPE.