CATSKILL, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Greene County Legislature passed a resolution Monday night strongly opposing the state gun control package passed in July. The new laws were inked by Governor Kathy Hochul on July 1 in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s June 23 ruling striking down New York’s decades-old gun law requiring individuals to show proper cause to obtain a concealed carry permit.

The new firearm laws passed by the state Legislature and state Assembly expanded on eligibility requirements in the permitting process, including mandated training courses for applicants. The bills signed by Hochul restrict the carrying of concealed weapons in sensitive locations, including government buildings, hospitals, and public transit. The legislation also establishes that private property owners must expressly allow for a person to possess a gun on their property.

Monday’s Greene County resolution, passed by the Legislature’s Government Operations Committee, was unanimous. It expresses the board’s strong disapproval of the new state gun laws.

“The Greene County Legislature considers this law to be an unconstitutional infringement upon our Second Amendment right for law abiding citizen’s right to bear arms and an overt infringement upon freedom and liberty in New York State, which is devoid of common sense and does nothing to deal with the problems of crime and illegal firearms,” the resolution reads. “The Greene County Legislature is strongly against and requests the repeal of the new gun control Legislation changes requiring both New York State citizens and various permit issuing agencies to navigate new regulations that are riddled with cumbersome, confusing, and redundant barriers of compliance, and that requires multiple processes of recertification that will lead to further confusion and create additional record sharing between agencies.”

Concealed carry permit holders will be subject to felony charges if brought into state parks, houses of worships, and restaurants, with the legislature asking state officials to repeal the law, the resolution said.

The gun laws signed by Hochul on July 1 will create a statewide gun license and ammunition database and give the state control over background checks. The Greene County resolution, which was sent to the full Legislature for a vote Wednesday, will be forwarded to Hochul and other state representatives from the county. A legal remedy to overturn the new gun laws, Greene officials said, would be more effective than petitioning.