CATSKILL, NY (NEWS10) — Greene County has declared a State of Emergency. County Legislature Chairman Patrick Linger announced that the decision is effective as of May 17.

Greene County has stated that the State of Emergency has been proclaimed due to failed federal polices, in tandem with New York City mismanaging and underestimating the impact of inviting asylum seekers to the city. The county said this has resulted in New York City planning to relocate many migrants and asylum seekers to counties outside of and nearby the city, which includes Greene County.

The county says they are incapable of receiving and sustaining the volume of migrants or asylum seekers that New York City intends on delivering. Greene County is already facing significant shortages of housing, medical care and transportation, as well as a growing homeless population.

There are also no hospitals located within the geographic boundaries of Greene County. Additional local emergency orders will be issued by the Chairman of the Greene County Legislature during the State of Emergency to further protect life and property, and to eventually bring the emergency conditions under control.

For more information, visit Greene County.