COXSACKIE, N.Y. (NEWS10)- According to the Greene County Administrator, there are 84 confirmed coronavirus cases at the Greene Correctional Facility complex. Now, some people are worried that the virus will spread to the greater community.

Jessica Sturner lives in Greene County and says when it comes to the coronavirus, she worries about her children’s safety.

“Greene County is a small county,” explained Sturner. “Everybody knows everybody we are always interacting with one another, so I feel like it’s a good opportunity for it to spread like wildfire.”

Green County’s Administrator, Shaun Groden, also finds the increase in COVID-19 cases at the correctional facility troubling.

“We do have a concern with that volume of increase as to how it would affect staff,” said Groden. “Obviously, the staff are county residents—so are they being protected while they are at work? Do they have proper PPE, before they go home, before they go to the store, before they get gas?”

He said currently, of the 97 total cases in the county, only 14 of them are from the general public.

He added that the Greene County Public Health Department does not see, diagnose, or treat those in the correctional facility. That is handled by the state’s Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, also known as DOCCS.

“We have limited communication with DOCCS—they didn’t reach out to us and advise us of a spike,” explained Groden. “We learned it through the reporting system. I’m sure they are taking every precaution necessary, but we have very little communication with them.”

When it comes to the greater Greene County community, the county administrator says that overall, the numbers have been consistently low throughout the pandemic—something he’d like to keep that way.