Gray Matters: Feet on the couch – give me a break


Are you ready for “Couch Gate?” On a day when the President is signing actions that should help black colleges and women, when his budget is slashing funds where some say they are desperately needed and on a night when Donald Trump gives a speech before Congress and some members may bring undocumented/illegal immigrants just to drive home a point; what is the story that is going viral? His adviser Kellyanne Conway put her feet on the couch in the Oval Office. Shriek!

I was going to ignore this photo and the totally predictable overreaction to it but then I saw even the Washington Post, a left-leaning newspaper that goes out of its way to bash Trump, telling the media and internet to knock it off. The “Post” saying that someone putting their feet on the furniture isn’t a big deal and people should calm down.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen this kind of silliness and these kinds of hysterics are certainly not reserved by the left. I seem to recall people on the right who went nutty when a photo was released a few years ago showing President Obama with his feet up on the desk in the Oval Office. I think some were ready to call for impeachment proceedings. Hey guys, it’s his desk.

I’m not psychic and can’t talk to the dead like that lady with the big hair in Long Island, Theresa something, but if I could and dialed up George Washington or John Adams right now on a conference call I suspect they’d both say, “Who cares! Worry about stuff that matters.”

Do I like the photo of Conway on that couch? No. Perhaps I’m channeling my own deceased mother when I say it looks decidedly unladylike. But it is hardly worth the uproar. I don’t know if you noticed but big things are happening or about to happen with this country and whether you love Trump or hate him those serious issues like immigration, healthcare, Supreme Court vacancies… THOSE are the ones that deserve attention.

If the media keeps this up they will soon become the “boy who cried wolf.”  Every day you’ll turn on CNN and see another crazy headline about some misstep by a White House staffer or a tweet at 3 a.m.  and pretty soon you’ll just tune the whole thing out. Then when an important issue or scandal actually shows itself people won’t pay attention at all. As someone who works in the media I take no pleasure chastising my own but when my fellow journalists give weight to something so trivial they do you a great disservice. And worse, they know better and they are doing it on purpose.

If you don’t like this President and are looking for a reason to be outraged I’m pretty sure if you sit tight he’ll give you something to scream about soon enough. But feet on the furniture is not it.

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