While athletes have been getting recognition for taking a knee during the National Anthem, I saw a Facebook post I simply had to share with you. One of my co-workers, sports journalist Liana Bonavita, was at Siena College today to shoot a TV story. It’s a gorgeous day so it was no surprise to see a young athlete all by himself practicing on one of the fields. That’s not the reason she was there but she happened to notice this kid working on his shot into the empty net.

Then she heard a sound, it was familiar music echoing through the clear blue October sky. Liana knew it right away. It was the National Anthem playing on an adjacent field. Liana could only smile when she saw what happened next. Rather than have me explain, I want to share what Liana wrote verbatim:

 “This young man had no reason to believe anyone was watching him. He was alone, getting some shots off on his own time at Siena when the national anthem started playing at an adjacent field. He was not part of the event and would not have been faulted for continuing his practice without hesitation. But he didn’t. He stopped instantly and stood facing the flag with his hand over his heart. Not because of social pressure – there was no one close by to witness him – but because he felt it was right. I just so happened to look behind me in that moment and felt the patriotic act deserved recognition. If this is one of your guys Coach Svec, you should be proud.”

They say you can judge a person by seeing the way they act when they think no one is watching. This young man just spoke volumes about his love for this country. I hope his coach and parents are proud!