ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)—Governor Kathy Hochul is traveling to Israel to meet with diplomatic leaders and communities devastated by the Hamas attacks. Tuesday morning she was in Washington, D.C. and met with the White House Chief of Staff to discuss immigration and U.S. support for Israel.

“Also, we had a chance to talk about President Biden’s upcoming trip to Israel,” said Hochul during a virtual press conference. “We shared our support in our collective vision to support these diplomatic efforts that includes standing in solidarity with Israel and ensuring they have the resources to protect their citizens. But also doing so in a way that minimizes civilian casualties and allows the civilians in Gaza to get humanitarian assistance they need, as long as we are not benefiting Hamas terrorists.”

Senate Minority Leader, Rob Ortt, went to Israel in back in August. He said he visited the kibbutz where residents were massacred.

“I’m glad the governor is going over there,” said Ortt. “I think it’s important that the Governor of New York shows strong solidarity with Israel, and I think by going over there, at this moment, that’s the strongest message and the strongest way to send that show of support.”

Senate Democrat, Shelley Mayer, is Jewish and also supports the governor’s trip.

“She will bring both the feelings of solidarity that we should express, and outrage about what Hamas did with her own personal empathy about the risks and the damage to civilians,” said Mayer.

In a letter on Monday, Hochul and 16 other governors wrote to congressional leadership, urging the Senate to act quickly to confirm ambassador roles in Israel, Egypt, Lebanon, Oman, and Kuwait. The governors also called for all pending military nominations and promotions to be considered so that the “ most experienced leaders are occupying the most important jobs for our national defense.”

Governor Hochul is expected to return from Israel on October 20th.