ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)–Governor Hochul’s budget presentation highlighted some key aspects such as an investment of over $34 billion dollars in school aid.

“Our kids are still struggling, our teachers have been through so much. We lost a lot of teachers, so to get our kids back on track, we are going to invest $34.5 billion. The largest school aid increase ever and a $2.7 billion dollar increase in foundation aid. Fully funding the formula for the first time in history,” said Hochul.

On the issue of mental health, the governor is allocating $1 billion dollars. The budget briefing also outlined $337 million for programs to prevent and reduce gun violence.

“We will open new crime analysis centers to assist in solving crimes, more data sharing for our local partners and continue our New York lead first in the nation– 9 states focused working together, sharing information on tracking the traffickers to stop the flow of illegal guns coming into our state.”

When it comes to bail reform, Governor Hochul wants to restore judicial discression in securing order determinations by removing the least restrictive means standard.

“What is glaring to us and anyone who looks at it closely, is that our law has two different standards in it. And focusing on that— the judges in one area are asked to consider factors to determine whether or not someone accused of a serious crime should be let out pre-trial or have bail posted, or the other standard says least restrictive means. We are focusing on remedying that inconstancy.”

Hochul wants judges to have more clarity and is looking forward to speaking with lawmakers when it comes to this issue.