ALBANY,N.Y. (NEWS10)—As the asylum seeker issue continues, Governor Kathy Hochul said she’s speaking with the White House Chief of Staff about the situation today.

“The answer falls with Washington,” said Hochul. “With resources, change in work authorization, helping us with housing vouchers, helping us with more money for education…”

While Republican state lawmakers primarily blame this situation on the federal government, earlier this week they urged Hochul to call a special session to further address the crisis.,legislature%20needs%20to%20take%20action.

“We ought to be addressing some of these problems the best way we can in the state,” said Assembly Minority Leader, Will Barclay, on Tuesday. “We can’t wait until January when the legislature comes back into session. We gotta do it right away.”

It’s something the governor hasn’t ruled out.

“With respect to a special session, certainly I am entertaining all of our options right now,” said Hochul. “We are working closely with the mayor.”

Also this week, New York City’s comptroller did not approve the city’s $432 million dollar contract with DocGo, the company in charge of caring for asylum seekers. DocGo has come under scrutiny in recent weeks, prompting a review by the state and an investigation by the AG’s office.

Jamie DeLine asked Governor Hochul if she thought it was in the best interest of the state and the city for the city to continue with their contract with DocGo.

“I have raised serious questions about DocGo, starting with reports from a couple weeks ago,” replied Hochul. “There are some shortcomings. we’ve pointed them out that a number of the people who are providing security are not right now certified by the state of New York, so that is the extent that we will comment on DocGo.

When it comes to allegations that security guards hired by DocGo were not properly certified, the company said it’s conducting its own investigation stating, “Should the investigation substantiate these claims, we will take immediate corrective action.

The governor said the state will continue working to support the city in any way it can.