ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)— As the fighting continues between Israel and Hamas, the United States is showing support at both the state and federal level. On top of President Biden’s visit to Israel, Governor Hochul also arrived in Tel Aviv on Wednesday.

“To know that New York’s governor is going to Israel, like the president, is just incredibly supportive and encouraging,” said Hank Greenberg, a member of the Jewish Federation for Northeastern New York.

It’s the Governor’s first trip to Israel, a sign of solidarity given the size of the Jewish population in New York State.

On Hochul’s agenda— meeting with families displaced by the attacks, helping to fill boxes at a food pantry, and delivering that food to families in need.

In an audio press conference on Tuesday, she explained the reason behind her trip.

“It’s important to be a witness in here, first hand from survivors from this barbaric attack from Hamas and try to comfort the families who are mourning the loss of their loved ones,” said Hochul.

 In Washington, D.C., the conversation is being had about safety in New York and around the country. U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand requested $500 million dollars in funding to strengthen security for synagogues, Jewish community centers, and mosques as the war continues. 

“The anxiety level is very high,” said Gillibrand. “Hate crimes have increased exponentially and the targeting of Jewish people and anti-Semitic crimes have gone up exponentially over the past year.” 

Gillibrand said she’s working with Republican senators to send a bipartisan delegation to Israel in the weeks to come.

Hochul will be back in New York on Friday.

News 10 learned that an outside nonprofit is paying for Governor Hochul and her staff’s trip to Israel. Her security detail is being paid for by the state.