ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)– Governor Kathy Hochul, who took over last year after former Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned amid sexual harassment allegations, is now running for the position in her own right. At a rally posted today on her Facebook page, she asked supporters to stand with her this election.

“Would you stand with me to make our streets safer and get illegal guns off the streets once and for all?” asked Hochul.

During her year in office, she passed some of the toughest gun laws in the country— including a law that raised the age to 21 to buy a semi-automatic weapon and banned concealed carry in sensitive locations such as Park playgrounds, entertainment venues, and Time Square. Many of the states new gun laws were in response to the Buffalo massacre.

“Also, the ability to buy large capacity magazines or even body armor,” said Hochul, in October. “Think back to the Tops Grocery store the man in the store in charge of protecting, the security guard, he had a vest on but the vest that was worn by the 18- year- old white supremacist murder was even stronger. Why he was even to purchase that instead of being stopped by that security guard doing his job? We’ll always question.”

When it comes to the controversial issue of Abortion, Hochul believes it’s a woman’s right to choose. $35 million was allocated for abortion service providers.

“I’m really proud that New York will lead the nation and hopefully set an example for the other states to realize that all of us have a responsibility to welcome with open arms those who need these services as well as New Yorkers,” Hochul said in May.

Since the polls have been tightening, President Biden was campaigning for Hochul in Yonkers over the weekend.

Hochul has 8 campaign events on her Monday schedule, most of them in New York City with one pre-ellection rally in Buffalo.