ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) — Public safety is certainly a hot topic here in New York, especially as we edge closer to the general election. Governor Hochul made announcement on Wednesday regarding gun violence and what her administration is doing to help law enforcement.

“Thus far we’ve seized over 7000 guns year to date. It’s a start, it’s not everything, we have more to do, but we know that is one approach to take,” said Hochul. Along with taking guns off New York streets, the Governor says, shootings are also down, “Compared to last year, and last year was a very bad year…. Shootings across the state are down 10 percent.” That’s according to the Division of Criminal Justice Services.  

But some are saying the numbers don’t quite add up, including Assembly Minority Leader, Will Barclay who has numbers from crime analysis centers across New York cities. “I heard her say that and we went and looked up statistics and I saw NYC shooting incidents are up 75%, Albany shooting incidents are up 25%, Syracuse is up 131%, Rochester shooting instances up 106%, and Buffalo is up 43%,” said Barclay.

According to a recent Siena Poll, Governor Hochul leads Republican candidate Lee Zeldin by 14 points. Leader Barclay says if she does win the election, it would be concerning for New Yorkers safety, especially when it comes to cashless bail, “No one was against some sort of reform of bail, but of course with the One-party rule in Albany we’ve taken it to extremes and as a result we see recidivists, commit a crime and get right back on the streets.”

Republican lawmakers have also pointed Raise The Age as an issue, the legislation changed the age a child can be prosecuted as an adult from 16 to 18 for criminal cases, “The tragedy with raising the age is it’s not only making New Yorkers less safe but those perpetrating the crime by just releasing them back out on the street and not trying to help provide any kind of real structure,” said Barclay.

Governor Hochul says one way to catch criminals as quickly as possible is by investing in law enforcement technology.  Hochul announced a $30 million technology investment for things like robotics, drones, body cams and gunshot detection devices.