NISKAYUNA, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Gov. Andrew Cuomo personally returned 13 ventilators to a Schenectady County nursing home on Easter Sunday.

Pathways Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center in Niskayuna had offered to lend 35 ventilators to downstate in the fight against COVID-19.

“It was unsolicited, nobody called and asked,” Gov. Cuomo said during a brief press conference at the nursing home on Easter Sunday. “In some ways, it was the last place that you would think would come forward, because it was a nursing home. Nursing and rehabilitation center and we’re most worried about nursing homes because the vulnerable population, they are in nursing homes.”

Cuomo says during the pandemic, he wanted to show Pathways his gratitude and appreciation.

“They gave me energy and they gave me resolve. Their gesture was so beautiful and so kind and so symbolic of everything we want to be in our best” saids Governor Andrew Cuomo

During the pandemic, the need of ventilators has been vital throughout the state of New York. Pathways nursing home answered Governor Cuomo’s call by offering 35 ventilators to send across the state. Mathew Varghse says supplying PPE equipment is vital.

“We are facing a war against an invisible disease and without PPE’s and tests, we can’t really test and know which residents have it, and which employees have it. So with having PPE, it forms a barrier against the disease” said Mathew Varghse, Executive Director.

Daniel Schaffer says having the residents and staff see Gov. Cuomo from the windows was a experience they will never forget.

“It’s going to go along way not only with our residents but our staff. We need that motivation to come into work every single day during this trying time.” explained Daniel Schaffer, Executive Vice President of Philosophy Care Centers.

It’s like an Easter Sunday we’ve never had before. The administrators of Pathways say receiving these ventilators could bee a sign of better days ahead and the power of faith.

“If they aren’t needed right now I would like to believe that the trend is moving in the direction that we are looking for it to go too. I think it’s also a great message on Easter and Passover, it’s a message of giving and receiving.” said Daniel Schaffer. 

Gov. Cuomo brought a special delivery of cookies baked by his daughters as he gave back 13 ventilators to Pathways nursing and rehabilitation center. The other 22 ventilators are still being used downstate. Cuomo says he wants to thank the team of Pathways for giving him inspiration and being so generous during this hard time.