NEW YORK (NEWS10) — Gov. Andrew Cuomo Monday delivered his farewell address to the people of New York State after stepping down, making way for Lieutenant Gov. Kathy Hochul to become the first female governor of New York State effective 11:59 p.m.

Gov. Cuomo started by addressing the allegations made against him, citing several contributing factors that led to his resignation including political pressure as well as the media calling it a “stampede.” With that, the governor acknowledged his own instinct to fight, however in the end Gov. Cuomo said it was his love for New York that guided his decision and the oath he took to serve the people of New York instead of prolonging the process which would cause, “governmental paralysis.”

The governor then continued by mentioning his accomplishments in office by saying he has passed the most progressive policies out of any governor in the nation. He did say he had differing viewpoints when it came to certain actions and policies such as defund the police, instead seeing reform as a more viable alternative in order to put an end to discrimination.

Looking ahead, Gov. Cuomo talked about what New York’s future could look like based on the Biden Administration as well as initiatives like the green energy plan that could help the state move forward in a positive direction. While looking ahead, Gov. Cuomo made sure to remind New Yorkers what COVID-19 has done to the state and to not stop in the fight against the coronavirus as the Delta variant surges across the country.

“The most important lesson I’ve learned in the past 15 years and the one that gives me the most hope is my belief in the essential intelligence and goodness of the people of this state,” said Gov. Cuomo. “I said when I started, I work for the people, I work for you and to me that is everything my faith has been in, the people not the politicians.”

Gov. Cuomo remarked on how Lt. Gov. Hochul will, “step up to the challenge,” after she becomes governor, wishing her success.

Finally, Gov. Cuomo ended his remarks, by saying,

Thank you. Thank you for the honor of serving as governor of New York. Thank you for allowing me to represent you. Thank you for empowering me to fight for you. Thank you for trusting me through COVID. Thank you for making New York State the progressive capital of the nation. Thank you for the honor of serving you and never forget, always stay New York tough, smart, united, disciplined, and loving. It’s the essence of what makes New Yorkers so special, God bless.