GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10)- Accomplished Glens Falls artist and illustrator Anthony Richichi has quite a resume. As if being the lead illustrator at Saratoga Springs Publishing wasn’t enough, Richichi also creates his own comic book series, is part of a band, and has art in locations throughout the area.

Richichi launched “Killustrator Comics” in 2018. After releasing his first story, “Conception,” he released nine others. He said working as an illustrator with local comic book author, Lee Gooden, was part of the reason he decided to write his own stories.

“After drawing a few of his (Lee’s) stories and seeing the art process, I quickly believed I could write my own stories broken down into a comic book script,” he said. “I’d always loved writing as a kid, up through college, so I had to try.”

  • Local author/illustrator Anthony Richichi's first children's book "Colorworld" became available last May. Photo courtesy of Anthony Richichi.
  • Anthony Richichi has written 10 comic stories beginning with "Conception." Photo courtesy of Anthony Richichi.

Richichi was part of a group of local comic book writers trying to get the word out about their stories at the Saratoga Comic Con in November. Some, like Mike Spring (Outta Time Comics) and Russell Brettholtz (Sidekicks Comics, LLC) use Kickstarter to bring their stories to their fans.

Spring and Brettholtz said Capital Region residents may not be aware there is a network of comic book fans in the area that includes writers like Richichi and themselves. Richichi said he enjoyed being able to tell people he writes his own comics at Saratoga Comic Con and seeing interest in local creators.

“Being both an author and illustrator, it was fun to be able to share both sides of the production and inspire people to want to make their own,” Richichi said. “There are a lot of comic retailers out there, but to see people light up when I tell them that I actually made all these, it’s very rewarding.”

In May 2021 he added children’s author/illustrator to his list of accomplishments with the release of “Colorworld,” a story about a boy who finds art supplies that brings his artwork to life. “I’ve never been prouder or put more time into one of my creations and I’m so thrilled to share it with you all,” Richichi said on his website.

“Colorworld” can be ordered through Saratoga Springs Publishing. Learn more about Richichi’s comics, artwork, and other projects on his website