Glens Falls City Schools was among many districts that received a memo yesterday asking for all school districts to stop the use of Native American symbols and names. Superintendent Dr. Krislynn Dengler says that the school was already trying to use a different name.

“The district has, for a long time, been going by GF Nation. So it really has been the mantra that has stuck and feels like home,” she said. “But we are still The Indians and so, that is something we’re aware of now that we have to make a plan to change.”

That includes changing the mascot and maybe even the arrow logo which is displayed in multiple areas but that will be up for more discussion.

“Moving forward, we will do what we need to do,” she said. “But I think it really needs to involve stakeholders, especially students. Students need to have the greatest voice.”

We reached out to Cambridge Central School District and issued the following statement:

“The Board plans to proceed with its appeal of the commissioner’s and the trial court’s decision. The attorneys are continuing the work to perfect the appeal and complete the legal process.”

Back at Glen Falls, the district will be setting a date to meet with students to talk more about the changes that need to be made to the school logo and mascot. And since the administrators already have plans to do school renovations, including renovating the entire school football field. however, to meet the June 2023 deadline they will have to make some adjustments to their renovation timeline.