In memory of the attacks on September 11, 2001 NEWS 10 met up with two separate panels. One of a younger generation born after the attacks and one, a group being first responders who went to help in the clean up at ground zero.  

“And the people who knocked these buildings down will hear us all soon,” said former President George W. Bush. A crowd can be heard cheering “USA! USA! USA!”

21 years ago, to the day, at 8:45 a.m. the first hijacked plane was flown into the Twin Towers. 18 minutes later a second highjacked plane hit the other tower, killing 2,753 people there. Then at 9:45 am a hijacked plane hit the pentagon killing 184 people there. Finally, a fourth plane crashing in a Pennsylvania field killing all 40 on board. A total 2,977 souls perished in the attack.

I sat with two panels from two different generations to discuss the September eleventh attacks, I asked the first group about what they knew regarding 9-11.

“There was these terrorists that took over planes and in America and they flew them to New York City and they took down the Twin Towers,” said Emma Kraszewski.

Kraszewski continued, “I don’t really feel that scared because I feel safe because I trust all of our firefighters and police to help us.”

“People are letting their guard down. We were really vigilant for a while, especially after 9-11. We let our guard down and that’s what happened to us,” said Gary Favro.

“We get complacent, and the military says complacency can get you killed,” says P.J. Higgitt Jr.

“It’s a 50/50. I definitely feel we’re very vulnerable,” says Hugh Blake.

Favro, Higgitt Jr and Blake were first responders who went to New York City in response to the attack on the Twin Towers. Their time at ground zero has left them with scars.

“I was diagnosed with skin cancer probably 8 years ago, but it was all attributed back from the medical end to being at Ground Zero,” says Higgitt Jr.  

But more importantly it created an unbreakable bond between them and fellow first responders

“There’s definitely a bond. If somebody says I was down there, you know, I’m connected to them right away.”

As the young ladies in this story have demonstrated, we shall never forget!