WATERVLIET, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Wednesday marked one week since Russia invaded Ukraine. On Wednesday night, local Ukrainians met at the Ukrainian Club in Watervliet to work out a plan to get donations and necessary goods to the eastern European nation.

“On the first day we started thinking about what to do. What is our part. What is our place in this terrible situation and how to help,” says Lesia Shultak.

How the group plans to help is by donating money, clothes, non-perishable goods and whatever else people may need. But, with Ukrainian airspace all but sealed off, Father Vasyl Dovgan says getting the donations into the country may be a bit of a challenge. “So we are looking for the ways to deliver or to fly to other countries and I really thank other countries for opening their hearts and open their gates to their countries,” Father Dovgan explains.

The group is also planning a trip to the nation’s capital Sunday to rally support with other Ukrainian groups across the country. Father Dovgan says the rally is, “so that the United States and other countries will hear our voices. That will hear our support and also will see the power that we are trying to unite.” 

As far as conditions go in Ukraine, Shultak says her family has begun taking in refugees from the eastern part of Ukraine.

Donations can be dropped off primarily at Saint Nicolas’ Ukrainian Catholic Church in Watervliet from 5-7 p.m. Monday through Friday. However, if you go to the 518Ukrainians website, it will have more details about other donation locations in the Capital Region.