ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Conversations continue at the New York State Capitol as to what can be done to help relieve some of the pain at the pump.

With gas prices over $4 dollars per gallon in New York State, Capitol Correspondent, Jamie DeLine, asked Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins if conversations were being had about a possible gas rebate.

“Still having those conversations,” replied Stewart-Cousins. “Again we know that people are really feeling pain at the pump. And that’s why in our one-house, we introduced the idea of some sort of rebate and we are having a conversation about how, if…and hopefully we will be able to advance something that gives people a little bit of a relief.”

As to how the rebate will work, details have yet to be released. When asked at her press conference if she has a preference of a gas rebate or cutting the gas tax, Stewart-Cousins said no.

“Obviously, we want to have people feel some relief at the pump,” said Stewart-Cousins. “So I guess if that were in that sense, i think it would not be a check. It would be relief at the pump, but again with the fluctuation, we are still trying to see how it will be most helpful.”

Assemblymember Angelo Santabarbara has been a big advocate for suspending New York State’s gas tax of 48 cents per gallon. He shared his thoughts about a possible gas rebate.

“To say that we are going to wait for a rebate check, down the road, that’s not the immediate relief people are looking for,” said Santabarbara. “People are looking for something that is going to impact them now. This is the measure that can do it. Suspend the gas tax. Hopefully we will see the federal government follow suit, if we do it here in New York State.”

A spokesperson for Gov. Kathy Hochul stated in part that she is exploring all options to help New Yorkers with the rising cost of gas.