BROADALBIN, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Volunteers for Democrat Matt Castelli for Congress say they put up a sign near the intersection of Rt. 30 and Rt. 155 on Tuesday and, just a few days later, it was gone.

Fulton County Sheriff, Richard Giardino, confirmed he received a report of a stolen sign in the area, which lies on private property. The Sheriff’s Office said the owners had a right to remove it. He said that the signs have been recovered and returned to the campaign.

“One of the things that’s confusing to many people is right of ways, you see them always on the corners and there’s some circles where we’ve had problems before,” Giardino said. “A right of way is still owned by the property owner and it’s up to that property owner if they allow it.” 

It’s not the first time problems regarding political signs have popped up around the area. Giardino said a majority of incidents are not nefarious, but a result of not knowing the right places to put them.

“Don’t post it on telephone poles or power poles because it’s illegal,” Giardino said. “If you’re going to put it on the side of the road, do so, so it does not obstruct the traffic coming from any direction.“

Democrat Matt Castelli’s team issued a statement that said, in part:

“We urge everyone to make sure that when placing signs, they do so with the permission of the property owner, and follow all local rules and regulations regarding signage.”

Republican Incumbent Elise Stefanik’s team tells NEWS10 they have lost thousands of dollars to vandalism. Alex DeGrasse, Senior Advisor, released this statement that said, in part:

“The sign was rightfully taken down and is being returned. Meanwhile, thousands of Elise’s signs are being destroyed, vandalized and defaced…”

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone who sees someone damaging political signs to send in a picture of their license plate to report it if it is safe to do so. They warn not to engage with the vandal.