GLOVERSVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Check out this cute video of a woodchuck eating a hotdog, sent to us by Jess Nelson in Gloversville! You can see the furry guy chomping away on the hotdog, getting a special treat for dinner.

Jess said she was out of the house at her mother’s when she received a notification on her phone from her camera outside that a pet was detected. She opened it up hoping to see her lost cat but saw just a squirrel. Well a few hours later another notification popped up and she was greeted with this internet gold!

Jess said she started laughing as she had never seen a woodchuck eat a hotdog like that, holding it with both hands. She said they had hotdogs the night before for dinner and now this little guy was reaping the benefits! She said that when she got home the woodchuck was lying in the grass near her front porch.

Jess said while ambitious the little guy couldn’t finish the whole meal. On the porch was the little crinkle part at the end of hotdogs.