GLOVERSVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — New York State police report a dog rescue from a house fire in Johnstown. Trooper Bowers and Trooper Dacre responded to the house fire on February 23, where they saved a small dog.

Two troopers bravely went in to save a puppy but were not the only ones to help avert a tragedy. Kati Mussey is one of the homeowners and said that someone driving by the house was the one to make the call to 911.

“The guy that drove by our house, what are the odds of that,” she said.

The homeowners were not at home at the time. Kati Mussey was at a local hospital recovering from surgery; her husband Nathan stayed at a hotel and then received a call from his brother-in-law about the house.

“I immediately left the hotel room and told them that I had to leave because of an emergency at home, and I left the hotel, and it was during the night of the storm that we had,” he said. “So it was a challenge to get here, and it was a challenge for the fire department to get her as well.”

The video shows the troopers at the house along with fire authorities. One of the troopers spotted a small black dog and made sure to get the dog out of the house to safety.

Once the Berkshire Fire Department arrived on the scene, they could enter the house and save another dog, a cat, and the pet fishes the homeowners had.

According to the homeowners, the heating lamps for an outdoor rabbit hutch were the cause of the fire. Kati Mussey says she was heartbroken to learn that none of their rabbits survived.

“You know, it’s devastating because my voicemail said that there was only one pup that was saved at the time. But thank god that wasn’t true,” she said.

Right now, their pets are with nearby family members while their home is being repaired. Their friends and family have also set up a GoFundMe page to help cover the recovery costs.

Nathan Mussey wanted to thank all first responders for everything they did that night.

“I thank them for everything they did,” he said. “To get in here, timely, efficiently- to get those puppies and cat out.”

You can watch the rescue on the NYSP PIO YouTube here.