GLOVERSVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The City of Gloversville, along with its contracted engineers, will be smoke testing sewer lines around the city, starting on July 5. The testing is meant to detect leaks, breaks, and other areas where stormwater may be entering the sewer infrastructure.

The process involves blowing “smoke” into the sewer system in select areas in order to find problem spots. It is possible that during this testing, you may see smoke in your neighborhood coming from manholes, storm drains, and roof vents, and potentially in your home or business.

This “smoke” is actually a fine white mist of mineral oil, that carries no risk of fire. The smoke is odorless and non-toxic to both people and pets.

You can help prevent the smoke from getting into your house by making sure all sink and drain taps are filled with water or otherwise covered. Should smoke enter your property, it will dissipate naturally in a few minutes- a process that can be sped up by opening a window and running a fan.

City officials say the process will help them improve the sewer infrastructure and help reduce operating costs. They add, “while this may be a temporary nuisance, we wish to state that exposure to the associated smoke poses no risk to your property, or the health of your family, customers, or pets.”