GLOVERSVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — According to the Fulton County Public Health Department, a skunk tested positive for rabies in the area of Oakwood Drive in Gloversville. Anyone who’s had physical contact with a skunk should contact the Public Health Department at 518-736-5720.

To avoid contact with possibly rabid skunks or other animals, the Public Health Department has released the following tips:

· Secure outside garbage in covered containers to avoid attracting wild animals.

· Do not leave pet food outside.

· Do not handle, feed, or unintentionally attract wild animals with outdoor food sources such as uncovered trash or litter.

· Avoid contact with all wildlife, especially feral cats, raccoons, bats, and foxes.

· Never adopt wild animals or bring them into your home.

· Teach children to never handle unfamiliar animals, wild or domestic, even if they appear friendly.

· High-risk animals for rabies are raccoons, bats, foxes, coyotes, and skunks.

· Rabies is 100% fatal to humans and animals.

· Rabies is preventable when treatment is provided in a timely manner.

· If bitten or scratched by a suspected rabid animal, wash the wound immediately with soap and water, seek medical attention, and promptly report the incident to the local health department.