JOHNSTOWN, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The City of Johnstown is taking action following an ongoing boil water advisory and complications surrounding the Water Board.

“Boiled a couple pots of water, had to get some bottled water to put in the fridge for drinking, and used the boiled water to give to my dog in the morning,” Johnstown resident Gary Locatelli said. He and many others in the city are looking for action from city leadership after three days of frustration.

At an emergency Common Council meeting Friday morning, the city formed an agreement with the Water Board giving control of the water treatment plant back to the city for the next four months.

Mayor Amy Praught told News10’s Skylar Eagle that the city was previously in control of the plant before a judge ruled in favor of the Water Board, interfering with the mayor’s emergency powers. “Water is our greatest resource and, as you can see, it’s affecting our businesses and it is personal,” Praught said.

The new agreement will allow the city to fully staff the water treatment plant until a referendum in November, when taxpayers will vote on whether or not the city should remain in control. “We have the people in that department that are the ones that are qualified to do the day to day operations, we do not believe the Water Board is qualified to do the day to day operations, therefore we believe that when it comes in the hands of the city, the taxpayers and the residents can be assured they are going to be safe,” Praught said.