FULTON COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Residents in the Mohawk Valley are still trying to tough it out without power after a sudden storm dropped snow on everyone’s Spring fever.

“No area of the county’s been untouched. Top to bottom and side to side, we’re experiencing power outages,” says Fulton County Emergency Management Director Steven Santa Maria.

He says his crews were surprised even the most southern tip of the county in Broadalbin got more slush than expected, but they’ve been rolling out smoothly.

“Seventeen fire departments in the county, 15 of those are volunteer fire departments. Those guys have been out since 2:30 — roughly 2:30 yesterday morning — trying to get roadways cleared and make the situation as safe as possible,” he explains.

National Grid crews and independent contractors also doing their best to restore power to tens of thousands of customers. Spokesman Patrick Stella says as of noon Wednesday, around 25,000 National Grid customers were still without power in Eastern New York and more than 3,000 in the Fulton County area. He says those tricky road conditions kept them from making repairs right away.

“A lot of the damage is in these kind of smaller areas. A lot of these roads weren’t passable yesterday, so we really had to wait to actually get into some of these places and see what the damage was,” Stella explains to NEWS10’s Mikhaela Singleton.

He says they’ve already seen a lot of broken poles — one of the most time consuming power problems to resolve. He says because the snow hit at this particular time of year, it’s much more wet and heavy.

“In the dead of winter when it’s really cold out and the snow is not this heavy, it doesn’t cause as much problems with our electric systems,” he says.

Meanwhile, both the county and National Grid are working together to deliver some much needed essentials while residents prepare for another potentially dark night until their power can be restored. Stella says while some customers may be up and running by late Wednesday night, others may have to wait until the morning.

Santa Maria says groups will be handing out water and dry ice at the Johnstown Area Volunteer Ambulance Corps on N Perry Street from noon to 4 p.m. Thursday. While they deliver what they can to the people who can get to them, he urges you to pay the kindness forward.

“Check on your neighbors. That’s first and foremost, especially if you know someone elderly or infirm that maybe can’t take care of themselves or need help,” he says.

He also suggests you practice safe home heating habits if you’re to spend the night without electricity.

  • Do not use a stove or oven to warm your home
  • Avoid candles, as children or pets can present an unsafe environment
  • Do not use a gas generator indoors and only use a generator that has been professionally installed