GLOVERSVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Professional baseball is a thing of the past at Parkhurst Field, but David Karpinski is making strides to bring that history to life. When he first saw the site, he asked, “why not build it as a destination for families across the country to come to and experience this great history?”

Parkhurst was home to the New York League’s Jags in the early 1900s. Legends took the field there, including one you might be familiar with.

“The real Moonlight Doc Graham played left field not far from where we’re standing right here,” said Karpinski. Moonlight, played by Burt Lancaster in the 1989 film “Field of Dreams,” traded his Black Sox pinstripes for Scranton gray.

“He never got an at-bat in the major leagues,” added Karpinski. “They made it sound like he retired at that point, when in fact he didn’t. He actually came back down to the New York State League.”

The outfielder battled Cy Young, Honus Wagner, and Joe Birmingham right at Parkhurst. “What you see behind me right now is a scaled, little league size grandstand, exactly where they sat in 1906,” Karpinski stated.

Karpinski said he couldn’t wait to share that story. “We’re excited, and there’s already a buzz,” he said. “We’re just hoping that grows nationally.”

The field is set to open April 29 for Little League ball. Karpinski concluded by saying there’s a lot to learn about the Gloversville region, and its connection with baseball history. He encourages all who are able, to come out and see for themselves.