CAPITAL REGION N.Y. (News10)-Many families with infants are struggling to feed their children due to the severe baby formula shortage that’s been going on. One Capital Region mom’s Facebook page is working to connect parents to desperately needed formula.

Rebecca Duncan is like a lot of moms right now. Struggling to find formula to feed her son. “[I] make trips to four different Targets, three different Walmart’s and two different supermarkets only to get there and find empty shelves,” said Duncan.

But, then she found the Capital District Moms-Formula Hunt Facebook page. It’s a space for parents to share photos and locations of stores where families can locate an ever dwindling supply of formula. There are also posts by parents offering up non-expired formula to anyone who needs it, especially specific brands that were already tough to find.

Michelle Murphy created the Facebook page. She already had 14-thousand followers on her Capital District Moms Facebook page which connects families to resources, and fun activities and events. Adding another page to help parents seeking formula seemed like a natural fit.

“I called it a Formula Hunt because parents are driving from store to store looking for formula now,” said Murphy.

The Facebook page helped Rebecca connect with Samantha McNeil who is with the food pantry for City Harvest Family Church in Albany. McNeil says that 30 moms including Rebecca have so far responded to her post on the Capital District Moms-Formula Hunt Facebook page offering free formula. “[It’s] so sad. Some of them have stood there and cried. They want to give us money. They wanted to buy the formula and we don’t want money from them. We just want to give it to them.”

Rebecca, who is a paralegal at Mack & Associates law firm in Albany was glad to get the formula for her son. She was so moved by the generosity that she and her boss, attorney Barrett Mack, have donated to the church’s youth program.

All the moms say this circle of giving has created a butterfly effect. “It’s really great to see people come together so quickly in a time of need,” said Michelle.