ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A former rescue dog from the Capital Region has found his calling and is now serving as a drug-sniffing dog for the Madison County Sheriff’s Department in Texas. According to Out of the Pits, Inc., Maverick’s story began when his mother and other dogs were saved from a fighting ring in New York City.

Maverick was born after his mother was rescued. He and the other puppies were held as evidence in the case and kept isolated for almost the first six months of their lives. Out of the Pits, Inc. took in puppies from two litters after they were released, most of which were able to adjust to life in a home, but Maverick was different.

Out of the Pits eventually had Maverick tested for K9 school. Maverick traveled all the way to Texas where he passed the K9 academy. Maverick has been serving as a drug-sniffing dog for the past four to five years.