LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The motto at Cruisin’ Tikis is, “why go bar hopping when you can simply hop right on a bar?”

A boat and Tiki bar hybrid just launched in Lake George.

“You can drop an anchor and hang out in the bays,” Larry Davis, one of Cruisin’ Tiki’s owners, said. “It goes nice and slow.”

The concept came from Florida where Davis saw one and knew he had to bring the idea to the Adirondacks.

The one skirting the shore of Lake George is the third of its kind, but the first in the Northeast.

Davis, now a registered dealer, is selling the floating fun houses to anyone who wants to buy one in the area.

“They’re in the mid-20s. It’s not bad at all; they’re actually cheaper than most pontoon boats.”

This Lake touring Tiki is Davis’ personal vessel, but says he’s already received a lot of interest since her maiden voyage.

“Just everybody yells and screams and waves and takes pictures.”

It might not be long before you see a Tiki hut in a local lake or pond near you.