JOHNSTOWN, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Pine Tree Rifle Club opens their grounds to groups ranging from the Boy Scouts to the military when it comes to firearms. President Paul Catucci makes sure that when he certifies future gun owners, they walk away knowing the most important part of guns.

“We follow the guidelines for what New York State had recently put in since last September. Safety, safety, safety. We explain that each firearm you have to consider it loaded before you even touch it,” explained Catucci.

Part of safety is being aware of your surroundings and responding properly to situations involving firearms. Catucci says when it comes to firing a gun in response to a threat, warn the person several times before pulling the trigger. Even in self-defense, shooting someone can land yourself in legal trouble.

“New York state is not a stand your ground state. You’re supposed to back up as far as you can go to get away from the threat. They could back you up right into a corner. You cannot take that back once you shoot that shot,” said Catucci.

In response to the Hebron shooting, Fulton County Sheriff Richard Giardino says how the homeowner was in the wrong by shooting at the car on his property. “If vehicles are leaving the property and have not tried to commit a felony, there is no form of justification that would allow you to shoot at someone leaving your property,” described Giardino.

Giardino sees gun violence as an issue that needs a closer look, not just in New York state. “We have to in this country to take a serious look across the board. Every year, 25,000 people are killed by firearms in the whole country,” stated Giardino.