TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The entire Troy Police Department’s Drug and Weapons Unit remains on administrative leave.

Now the public is wondering, how safe are they without these officers?

Troy Police Chief John Tedesco says people in Troy have nothing to worry about. He says the department will be getting outside help from other agencies to fill the gap.

People in Troy are weighing in on the leave of the drug unit after sources tell NEWS10 ABC those officers were taken off the streets because they entered a home without a warrant and then tried to cover it up.

“If they’re going to do that then I kind of feel safer without if that’s the case,” Chief Tedesco said. “I can’t say I feel safer with or without them.”

The chief says the department is finding a way to cover those positions.

“As soon as the unit was placed on the administrative leave, we were in contact with the New York State Police and the Rensselaer County Sheriff. They will be coming into the city to assist us.”

He’s assuring the public they have nothing to worry about.

“I can confidently say to the citizens that while it’s not the ideal situation their safety is paramount and it’s being taken care of.”

Some in Troy say they’re okay with this option.

“If they can’t then we need somebody. Somebody has to do it.”

“If they feel better doing that then yeah, but I feel alright here either way.”

Others say the surrounding agencies shouldn’t have to pick up the slack.

“Being that they’re State Police they’re needed everywhere because they’re state and the Sheriff has their own duties.”

The mayor’s office is still remaining tight-lipped on the matter. The office referred NEWS10 ABC to a statement from Friday.

Chief Tedesco says the sheriff’s department and State Police will take over the everyday operations of the unit. Right now, no Troy Police officers will be shifted from their normal positions.

“It depends on the length of the investigation and what we find in the investigation. We will be making changes as we go along.”