ALTAMONT, NY (NEWS10) – Two weeks from tonight, Santa Claus will be making his annual trip across the globe, delivering gifts to people everywhere. But even the big guy has to fuel up first.

Today, he made a stop at Indian ladder Farms in Altamont to join local families for breakfast.

You better watch out. You better not shout. And if you’re making breakfast for Santa, you better not mess that up either.

I needed advice. Shelby Casas offered what she could.

“So when you pour the batter and you’re waiting for it to heat up what you want to do is wait for the bubbles to start forming, like the air pockets,” said Shelby Casas, pancake expert of Indian Ladder Farms.

It’s a tall task for anyone, making breakfast for the big man himself, old Saint Nick. But Kitchen Manager Donna Merrill and her staff are always up for the challenge.

“We’re a really well-oiled machine back here. Everybody does their part really well,” said Donna Merrill, Kitchen Manager of Indian Ladder Farms.

It’s the 7th annual serving of “Breakfast with Santa” here at Indian Ladder Farms. And that means hundreds of people, including one very special guest.

“It’s all about being prepared. As long as you’re prepared. We’re taking over 200 people in a café that only sits 40 people,” said Merrill.

Merrill has been working with food since she was a teenager. Now working here, with these coworkers, is the best gift she can ask receive.

Families like the Trimarchi’s, who have made the stop here a part of their holiday routine.

“Family is a big part of the tradition,” said Charles Trimarchi.

“To eat breakfast and talk with each other”, said Andrew Trimarchi.

“Food plays a big role and the food here is also fantastic,” said Charles Trimarchi

“I like the food and I like Santa”, said Andrew Trimarchi.

Speaking of Santa, he spends the morning walking around, greeting families, and spreading joy.

I caught up with him and asked the tough questions.

How’s everything going up there? Think you’ll be ready to go?

“Barring any weather restrictions I think we’ll be ready to go”, said Santa.

How about breakfast?

And you like the pancakes? “Pancakes and sausage are awesome”, said Santa


Okay, so it’s not all about the pancakes, but with a spread like this, how can you not end up on Santa’s nice list