Exclusive limited edition Star Trek beer now on sale

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CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. (NEWS10) – An exclusive release of a limited edition Star Trek beer is on sale.

You may have some trouble getting your hands on some Saurion Brandy, Romulan Ale, and forget about Klingon Bloodwine.

There’s a brewery that can help you drink in style for Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary and it’s located right in Clifton Park.

“One of those things, it’s going to be sold out,” Jeremy Cowan, owner of Shmaltz Brewing, said.

Cowan is a Star Trek fan boy who is talking about his company’s newest concoction, The Trouble with Tribbles.

“It’s a Star Trek Commemorative beer for the 50th anniversary. For the first Star Trek original series.”

The Trouble with Tribbles was released two days ago across the galaxy. All that is left is six cases.

“That first night we went through nine cases,” Greg Chanese, said.

The limited edition pale ale boldy goes where no ale has gone before. It pays tribute to the episode it is named after.

“Blend of rye and wheat called tritcal”

It refers to the Quadro Triticaly Wheat the crew is trying to protect from the Tribble episode.

“Since it’s far into the future, they thought let’s get grain we can get on earth now.”

Even the hops used in this recipe have names like Polaris and Admiral Kirk to celebrate Star Trek themes.

While you may not have to worry about any tribbles, you do have to worry about it selling out.

“We have a four pack max for folks. It is limited,” Cowan said.

It comes as no shock that beverage is in high demand.

“I grew up on Star Trek. I finished my homework every night watching Star Trek.”

That’s why their deal with CBS will include another new recipe to celebrate the iconic show.

“That’s called Voyage into Northeast Quad.”

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