ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Megan Wilkes, Albany County Sheriff’s Deputy, described what she found as she entered Philip Rabadi’s garage on April 13, 2022, including the gruesome crime scene discovered by his father. 

Shaw Rabadi was in the courtroom reliving that moment, the courtroom extremely still and quiet as they watched body camera footage from that day. That footage showed the welfare check that turned into a crime scene when Rabadi failed to show up to work. Rabadi was on the garage floor face down in a pool of his own blood.

Wilkes questioned Rabadi’s father and Elana Radin, Rabadi’s wife, at the scene, and testified Radin gave her Klein‘s name. During a brief cross examination, Klein questioned the methods Sheriff’s Deputies took to investigate the scene. 

The court saw surveillance video obtained from neighbors, showing a man knocking on Rabadi’s front door, waiting, and then meeting Rabadi as he walked out of his house. The two then walked into the home. 

The jury heard from residents on Miller Road who recalled what they saw the morning Rabadi was killed. They described a man covered head to toe in dark clothing coming out of a white pickup truck and walking to the Rabadi’s front door. One witness also mentioned a man in dark clothing visiting two days prior to April 13, 2022. Klein focused his questioning on whether those neighbors saw or heard anything they thought suspicious. 

Investigator Christopher Kopec testified about an email Radin sent him from Klein from September 2021, the same email on ADA Jessica Blain-Lewis argued in her opening is the beginning of Klein’s plan to hurt his ex-girlfriend. She read part of that email in court during opening statements.

Kopec’s testimony will continue Sept. 21.