ESSEX COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – On Friday, Essex County Health Department was notified of another death stemming from COVID-19. The individual was vaccinated against coronavirus, but had not received a booster shot, and had been hospitalized, Friday’s death contributes to a total of 55 deaths in the county.

Essex County confirmed a total of 199 new COVID-19 cases on Friday. On Thursday, 345 cases were logged. The county only reports case totals on a weekly basis.

The rural Adirondack county has seen a tremendous case spike since New Year’s, as have many. Earlier this week, county officials announced a “self-serve” COVID-19 case reporting resource online, for anyone who tests positive.

The county also made a clarification on an update from earlier this week. On Thursday, Essex County incorrectly quoted CDC guidance as stating that the definition of “fully vaccinated” had changed. In fact, the guidance only recommends that residents stay up-to-date with their vaccines, the county said.

Essex County also responded to resident questions regarding quarantine and vaccines among children. State guidelines released Jan. 4 say that children exposed to coronavirus must undergo 5 days of quarantine unless they have received a booster shot. This is true in part for contact tracing purposes in and around school settings. Booster doses were approved for children ages 12 and up on Jan. 5 by the CDC.