STEPHENTOWN, N.Y. (NEWS10) — An old fashioned communication tool helped connect a local collection with a Hollywood celebrity. He received a generous keepsake from actor Tom Hanks. The autographed gift is now the centerpiece of his collection.

NEWS10 first introduced you to Scott Connor‘s small Stephentown shop and his extensive collection of typewriters two years ago. The old office relics date back to the 1920s through the 50s, and now he has one more to add to his collection.

“Well, I was very surprised. In his second letter to me he said, ‘You know Scott, sometimes the best thing in life you can do is . . . ‘ and he put three dots — wait,” Scott reminisced about the letter he received.

That letter was from Tom Hanks, who shares Connors affinity for the mechanical marvel.  Of course, Scott waited patiently.

“I was here, the FedEx guy pulls up with his big box with a letter in it. In it was a signed letter from Tom Hanks,” Connors recalled.

In the letter Hanks writes: “To whom it may concern, Tom Hanks here. I am presenting you with this typewriter Olympia to do with as you please. I do hope this typewriter comes to good use. It is yours now. Take good care of it and help it do its job for another 100 years — Tom Hanks.”

The Olympia SM-9 from the actor’s own collection is now displayed proudly.

“I said, ‘Oh my God, he signed it up here. It’s got his name on it.’ So that was the centerpiece of my collection. I figured I’m gonna put it write up top!” Connors exclaimed.

Connors has already put the machine to good use, putting ink to paper, typing out his thank you note for his Hollywood pen pal.