Elmira, N.Y. (WETM) – Jimmy Fallon sang at Maloney’s Pub in Hammondsport, New York, where he joined the local band High Pines. High Pines bandmates — Will Travis plays the keyboard and guitar and Dr. Beardsley plays bass — said they were both pleasantly surprised.

“This guy walks in and you know, I had seen him; and I’m like hey, that guy looks like he could be Jimmy Fallon’s brother or something,” said Dr. Beardsley.

“He started asking me about my instruments and stuff,” said Travis. “Hey, nice to meet you, I’m Jimmy Fallon; and I was like, “no, no you’re not, no way,” he added.

High Pines said they hope to perform on the Jimmy Fallon show, and will be playing at the Gathering of the Artists Festival on July 23rd.