CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. (NEWS10) – We continue to learn more about what the school year will hold for students in the fall, we can’t forget about summer schools and programs that are happening right now.

We’re just over a week into Shenendehowa Central School District’s extended school year and there’s roughly 140 kids registered for bus routes in the district. For many, cleanliness and safety is always a concern, but they say they’re extra precautions and measurements to keep students safe.

They’re using about 35 busses for the summer to pick up and drop off students at two different locations – High School West and Arongen Elementary.

According to Director of Transportation, Alfred Karam, each driver must clean and disinfect the bus before and after their runs in the morning and afternoon. The main disinfectant takes 30 seconds to a minute to complete. He says it covers the entire vehicle.

“We use a Clorox total 360 machine. We take a gallon of germicidal mixture and this machine atomizers this mixture and electrically charges it so it covers every square inch of that bus on the interior,” Karam said. “It typically kills any virus on the interior between 2 to 5 minutes.”

Clorox Total 360

Bus drivers will also receive a disinfectant spray bottle for cleaning purposes and will use them in between runs or stops.

“We have the same kind of mixture in the spray bottle in this mixture,” Karam said. “It’s called the Q128 and we get the most commonly touched areas inside the bus, wipe it down, before we pick up our next set of students.”

On the bus, students are at 50% capacity. The larger vehicles can normally hold 66 people but now are limited to 33. Karam says they will be socially distant, but siblings will sit together.