EDINBURGH, N.Y. (NEWS10) – ENCON is investigating reports of animal abuse on the Great Sacandaga Lake.

Officials said they began investigating after receiving messages online that jet skiers were running down baby ducks on the lake.

Officials said men riding jet skis allegedly surrounded some ducklings near the Batchellerville Bridge, and then drove over the animals. The alleged incident took place on Sunday.

Brian Crowley was at the lake that day with his family and claimed to see the alleged incident.

“We were kind of looking down at the lake, and two young men came up in their jet skis,” he said.

Crowley said the men began circling a group of about 20 ducks and ducklings. After a few moments, he claimed they began riding their jet skis over the panicked animals.

“For about two minutes they kept going over the top of the ducks,” he said.

Some of the ducks got away. Others were not so lucky.

“The ducks were clearly hit,” Crowley said. “You hope they went underwater, but the reality is they were just straight up hit.”

The two men on the jet skis then took off leaving behind the injured animals and Crowley’s shocked family.

“The ducks didn’t have a chance,” he said. “It was basically an assault, and the worst part is they probably don’t care.”

Crowley explained on social media what he saw hoping someone would come forward with information.

Two days later, word spread to people all around the lake.

“I think it’s heartbreaking that people would do that to little cute ducklings like that,” Sarah Tyree said.

Tyree and Terri Livingston visit the lake often. They enjoy watching the ducks come out of the water.

“You see these babies and you think about something like that, it’s terrible,” Livingston said.

As of Tuesday night, there are no leads on who the two jet skiers may have been. But people at the lake are hoping for some form of justice.

“I think anybody who hurts an animal intentionally should be punishable by the highest extent of the law,” Livingston said.

“Hopefully, somebody knows something,” Crowley said. “I would assume with the power of Facebook and social media, hopefully, somebody comes forward.”

The jet skis are described as Sea-Doo Sparks. One is burnt orange and white. The other is a blackish yellow.

Anyone with information is asked to reach out to NYSDEC Ray Brook Dispatch at 518-897-1300.