FULTON COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Dispatchers, firefighters, and emergency management crews are getting ready for the increase in calls tomorrow due to potential weather-related injuries, accidents, and calls for assistance.

The Communications Center at the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office is fully staffed with dispatchers. Communications Officer Keith Shults said they are ready for higher call volume, but the emergency vehicles out on the roads will have to brace for the conditions.

“Response times change,” Shults said, “as far as the ambulances, getting to calls in a timely manner, the snow can impede that a little bit.”

Fulton County Emergency Management Office Coordinator Steven Santa Maria said they have been working with their partners, especially power companies, to prepare for the heavy snow’s impact on wires and outages.

 “We’re sort of on the fringe, I mean it looks like they’re predicting a pretty good amount for us,” Santa Maria said.

He advises residents to prepare to be in the dark.

“Make sure you have enough food, water, medication, all those things for at least 72 hours,” he said.