ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — NEWS10 hit the streets of Albany to find out some of the biggest concerns for voters ahead of Election Day, including a first-time voter who is figuring out which candidates fit her values best. “They could have probably done better with the candidates,” she said. “I feel like they could have informed us more about them because as a first-time, college student, I have no clue who is on there.” 

Several hot-button issues are being used by candidates to bolster their supporters at the polls. The latest polling from PIX11 and Emerson College gives us a closer look at where voters stand right now on some of those issues.

According to the poll, 34% of New Yorkers are concerned about the economy, jobs, inflation, and taxes. That’s followed by threats to democracy and crime at 13%, access to abortions at 10%, and healthcare at 8%.

“Abortion rights is very high up there, very very high up there,” a voter said. “Environmental rights, because climate change is real.”

“More with the criminal justice system I would think, with the laws and the police and enforcement of the police and what’s going on with that,” another voter said. “But, other than that I guess lowering taxes too would be a big thing for us in the state.” 

“Just getting New Yorkers ahead,” a voter said. “I think our state has a lot of work to do and I hope this election can get results for us.” 

Other people News10 spoke to were not as concerned with the issues but still plan on making their way to the polls. “I’m not nervous or excited, I’m just ready to, I guess,” one voter said.

Many said it’s crucial to vote every election, regardless of what or who is on the ballot. “We do our part, do our voting, and do our part to make New York State the best that we can,” a voter said. “There’s so much wrong, hopefully it gets better, but I guess that kind of all depends on us.”