WARREN COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – As the North Country prepares for snowfall this week, one thing is sure across twice as many county roads as during the last heavy snowfall; ice is a worry of the past.

Warren County has been applying brine to roads this winter, which stops ice from forming during snow and the resulting plowing process, rather than salting those roads afterward.

Around 80 miles of roads in the county have now been treated with brine, according to Warren County spokesman Don Lehman on Monday. That’s up from 40 miles that were covered before the region’s first major snowstorm in early December.

The county Department of Public Works has been aiming to get 100 miles treated over the course of the winter. After a snowstorm, roads will have to be treated again before the next one.

Lehman said that not reaching the 100-mile mark yet comes down to the fact that the weather hasn’t been all that bad in terms of snowfall since the December storm that dropped as much as 4 feet in some areas.

Lehman also said that snow plows are on standby and ready to keep roads clear once snowfall comes to the North Country this evening.