BALLSTON LAKE, NY (NEWS10) — Another tree, another Saratoga County neighborhood. The East Capitol Park tree, neighboring the Empire State Plaza Christmas tree, was cut down and hoisted up in Albany on Thursday.

Construction crews sawed the tree at the stump, and lifted it onto a flatbed Thursday morning.

With a Christmas like name straight out of a Hallmark movie, homeowner Angel Serio said that the 15 year old tree had gotten too big. “Like every Christmas, we would decorate it. But the past couple Christmases, the tree has gotten so big that it’s been difficult to decorate.”

Angel’s husband  Vito was elated to get the call from New York state to tell him that the tree was chosen. He said, “I got the phone call on Saturday and I was very surprised and thrilled that they were going to come by and consider our tree for the Capitol Christmas tree.”

Mark, the son of the Ballston Lake couple’s son—shared in his their excitement to see the adolescent plant carried off to Albany. “It’s something we’ve watched grow over the past how many every years, and so I think it’s going to be a wonderful experience,” he said.

Angel said that the rest of the neighborhood looked forward to the experience, too. “We told everybody in the neighborhood and all our friends are all looking forward to coming to the tree lighting ceremony.”

The East Capitol Park Tree, much like the Empire State Plaza Christmas tree, will be lit on Sunday December 3.