DELMAR, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The general election is set for Tuesday, November 7th. And early voting in New York takes place from today to November 5th. Early voting locations and schedules mean you don’t have to wait to turn the page on the calendar before casting your ballot.

“It’s a great opportunity to get your vote out,” Joseph Catalano, Poll Worker, said. “Normally, on election day, you can’t predict the weather.”

Many take advantage of early voting to plan their day accordingly.

“You can come at night if you’re working during the day. You can come in the morning. Anytime you want, so it works out well,” Catalano said. “And you can pick your day. If you’re going on vacation and you’ll be away on election day… This is the perfect opportunity.”

Election officials say there have been many improvements done when it comes to accessibility. It’s a lot easier to check people in while maintaining accuracy. Also, there is a particular poll machine for those with physical, vision, or hearing impairments. These machines can print out in brail for those needing it.

Richard Holley is a former firefighter and Vietnam veteran who says more should understand the importance of being able to vote while also understanding their voter rights.

“I fought for things so that we would be able to vote and express ourselves,” Holley said.

He also says by voting, each person plays an essential role within our government.

“My whole family is going to vote, and I appreciate the opportunity to participate in our governmental operations,” he said.

Early voting hours and dates are the same across counties. You can find that information and more with our News10 Election Guide.