TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – In a new development, a man who admitted to abusing more than 100 local children will not be released from prison this Thursday, as was originally planned.

It’s an update on Louis VanWie, who admitted to abusing more than 100 local children in the 1990s.

Troy Deputy Police Chief Richard MacAvoy said after he saw NEWS10’s earlier story about the possibility of VanWie’s early release, he called the Parold Division with his own concerns.

MacAvoy says he has now learned VanWie will not be released from prison on Thursday. That’s because parole won’t allow VanWie’s release from prison until he can provide a suitable housing situation following strict guidelines. NEWS10 ABC has been told VanWie wishes to move in with his sister in Troy after strict guidelines.

“What he’s done, he should not ever be allowed to walk the streets,” Gary Greenberg said.

That’s Gary Greenberg 20 years ago in 1997, lashing out at the man whom he claims sexually abused him at 7-years-old during a visit to the hospital. His attacker was a man he knew then as an orderly.

He had to wait years until 1996 to identify the man who abused him, when VanWie was arrested by Troy Police for molesting two little girls. One of those girls was Kayla Wittmann.

“He would force me to sit on his lap,” said Whitman. “Or he would touch me.”

At the time of his arrest, VanWie admitted to abusing hundreds of boys and girls going back decades.

A search of his home revealed a collection of children’s underwear and photos of young kids in bathing suits.

“I’ve had people tell me he took them places and sodomized them,” said an investigator who NEWS10 ABC interviewed in 1997. “He spent time with him alone and he did something.”

Greenberg thought he got his wish when VanWie got 30 years, but this fall a shocker. Now, after serving approximately two-thirds of his 30-year sentence, the now 74-year-old serial child predator is eligible for early release.

Greenberg, now a successful investor, and Whittmann, a local mom begged NYS leaders to place VanWie in civil confinement, but they’ve had no success.

The delay does not mean VanWie won’t still be released soon. He still has family members who live in Troy and it’s likely he could end up back here.